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Blocked drains in your home

January 9th, 2021|

Blocked drains are any home owner’s worst nightmare; from the overflowing water to the lack of hygiene, no one wants to deal with a drainage problem. Luckily for you, we at EmerGenie are here to save the day with our fast and efficient emergency drainage service. Our years of experience mean that there’s no blocked house drain that we can’t take care of! Spotting a Blocked House Drain A blocked drain doesn’t always show immediately, and the ones that get away with the least damage are those that are able to spot a drainage problem in its earlier stages. Here’s how you can do just that: -      Water draining slowly or not draining at all -      Unusual and foul odors -      Funny sounds such as pipes gurgling If you notice any or all of these signs, it’s best not to let them go unnoticed – even if all you have is a suspicion. And this is exactly where EmerGenie comes in, here to set your problems straight with our reliable drainage services. But you must be wondering, out [...]

Which Type of Hob is Best for Me?

January 9th, 2021|

  Source: Are you looking for the hob best suitable for your needs? We will guide you through grabbing the best one. Frankly, you will come across different types of hobs in the market. More so, deciding the one you need among various types can be challenging since deciding it is no longer between gas or electric. It is also about size, functionality, and shape.   Today, we will discuss the main types of hobs and the related benefits with the respective type to help you make your mind. Thus, let's jump right into the topic without further ado.   Gas Hob   Gas hobs help you get control over the flame's size, while it also delivers instant heat. Some older models come with a manual ignition button, whereas most have automatic ignition. Usually, gas hobs have four burners of varying sizes, though they can extend to six cooking zones.   For easier cleaning, they can get disassembled. Nevertheless, gas hobs are not straightforward to clean compared to some other types. It is essential to bring to your attention that its installation requires [...]

Unblock Ramps for Blocked Baths

January 2nd, 2021|

Whatever your plumber's issue - a plugged-up sink or a blocked drain ever so slowly - and no matter where it might be, never fear for he is always available for you. From simple drains to major blockages, we have ways to clear a blocked sink from your bathroom, laundry or outdoor wet bar. Here are nine easy things that will help you clear a blocked sink at home. These do-it-yourself solutions are fast, easy and inexpensive, making them just as good as having a plumber come out to work on your blocked drain! Most people think to clear a blocked sink, you would need to pull the blockage out of the pipe. While this might work temporarily, if the plumber had to drill the pipe back up to the surface, the likelihood of him bringing the blockage out is slim. What you really need is a tool called a u-bend tool, sometimes called a hose-end. The u-bend is a flexible stainless steel tube with a flexible end, which when bent can push any kind of blockage out of a pipe. A blocked sink [...]

How to Properly Manage Your Mouse Problem

December 3rd, 2020|

How to Properly Manage Your Mouse ProblemThe house mouse is an interesting small mammal of the rodent order Rodentia, typically with a short and fat tail, wide rounded ears, and an extended and long body. It's one of the ten most common species of the genus Mus. It's also one of our last great wild rodents. It was probably brought into this country by humans, as the other mice were previously domestic, but it still lives mainly in the southern parts of Mexico. It's estimated that there are less than two hundred of these mice left in the wild, so if you live in the United States or Canada, you might be a mouse hunter if you find one. House mice and rats are a very common pest problem. They will gnaw on just about anything they can grab, including electrical wires, clothes, shoes, and food sources. These rodents will also attack pets, children, and humans. They are not picky about what they eat, although they do have a taste for sugary foods and fatty food sources. If you have a house mouse or [...]

What is the Best Security Door Locks?

November 25th, 2020|

What is the Best Security Door Locks?If you have a home or business, you should consider the safety of your doors and windows when it comes to choosing the best security door locks available. You need to be able to lock your doors in order to keep your valuable things inside, but you also want to be able to keep your door from getting broken in to. In order for this to work properly, you will need a good locking system that does not require too much effort on your part to open. When looking into security door locks, you will first need to know what you are looking for. There are various types of locks to choose from, and you will need to look at the different ones to see which ones work best for you. These include deadbolts and keyless locks, both of which can be fitted with different types of locks on the other side. Deadbolt locks are great for securing your doors against forced entry. A deadbolt is designed to lock itself when a door is forced open, and once [...]

What Causes My Low Water Pressure?

November 23rd, 2020|

A lot of people have trouble figuring out what causes their low water pressure in their home. One of the main reasons why people's water pressure drops is because they are using a tap that is too large for the area where they live. This is particularly true of larger families and can make it difficult to get a good supply of water. This article will discuss what causes your water pressure to drop. The first thing that can cause your water pressure to drop is the area that you live in. For example, if you live in an apartment, your water supply can be less than perfect. Sometimes the water heater will not properly regulate the amount of water that is flowing into the apartment, which can mean that there is not enough water going through. You may also notice that the water in your faucets is not flowing as smoothly as it should be. These problems are often caused by a problem with the pipes that run to your water heater, and if you do not fix them quickly they can lead [...]

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