Are you looking for the hob best suitable for your needs? We will guide you through grabbing the best one. Frankly, you will come across different types of hobs in the market. More so, deciding the one you need among various types can be challenging since deciding it is no longer between gas or electric. It is also about size, functionality, and shape.


Today, we will discuss the main types of hobs and the related benefits with the respective type to help you make your mind. Thus, let’s jump right into the topic without further ado.


Gas Hob


Gas hobs help you get control over the flame’s size, while it also delivers instant heat. Some older models come with a manual ignition button, whereas most have automatic ignition. Usually, gas hobs have four burners of varying sizes, though they can extend to six cooking zones.


For easier cleaning, they can get disassembled. Nevertheless, gas hobs are not straightforward to clean compared to some other types. It is essential to bring to your attention that its installation requires an emergency gas safe engineer.




  • Quick heat

  • Full temperature control

  • Safer to use

  • Burners cool down fast




  • A gas supply connection is mandatory

  • Difficult to clean

  • Less efficient than induction hobs

  • Less stylish compared to electric hobs




Because of low-energy consumption, rapid heat-up time, and high responsiveness, induction hobs are becoming increasingly trendy. It heats induction-accommodating pans instantly through an induction element, instead of passing via the cooking surface. Beneath the hob surface has the spiral copper coil, which transmits energy directly between the induction element and your cookware base.


It is also necessary to ensure you have a set of pans that work mainly with induction hobs. These induction hobs are not appropriate for folks who have a pacemaker fitted. The reason is that the electromagnetic field produced can intervene with it.




  • Quick heat

  • Easy to clean

  • The surface remains calm, and only the pan heats up




  • All cookwares are not suitable

  • Costly compared to other types


Ceramic Hob


Ceramic hobs are efficient, stylish, and affordable electric hobs. Beneath the glass surface, it has electric heating elements. These elements start to heat its surface after you choose the temperature for your ceramic hob. Later on, the heat transmits to your cooking equipment from the glass surface. Thus, your food starts getting cooked.


For several reasons, the ceramic hobs are popular. It includes a sleek glass surface for modern kitchens, ease of installation, and the capacity to remain flush with the worktop.


However, the surface tends to get scratched. Sometimes, it even gets smashed. Compared to induction or gas hobs, ceramic hobs are not equally responsive.




  • Easy to clean

  • Work with all types of cookware

  • Smooth and sleek design




  • Poor heat distribution

  • Pricey

  • Less efficient compared to gas or induction hobs


Domino hobs


Domino is more of a style of hob instead of any type. The reason for the popularity of the domino hob is its thin rectangular design. It comes in gas, induction, and ceramic versions. Typically, it consists of one or two cooking zones.


Is your kitchen comparatively smaller in size, and you require more room to work? It is the ideal space-saving solution.




  • Flexible when cooking

  • Suitable for kitchens with confined space




  • Not recommended for households needed more cooking space

  • Costly compared to other models