Whatever your plumber’s issue – a plugged-up sink or a blocked drain ever so slowly – and no matter where it might be, never fear for he is always available for you. From simple drains to major blockages, we have ways to clear a blocked sink from your bathroom, laundry or outdoor wet bar. Here are nine easy things that will help you clear a blocked sink at home. These do-it-yourself solutions are fast, easy and inexpensive, making them just as good as having a plumber come out to work on your blocked drain!

Most people think to clear a blocked sink, you would need to pull the blockage out of the pipe. While this might work temporarily, if the plumber had to drill the pipe back up to the surface, the likelihood of him bringing the blockage out is slim. What you really need is a tool called a u-bend tool, sometimes called a hose-end. The u-bend is a flexible stainless steel tube with a flexible end, which when bent can push any kind of blockage out of a pipe.

A blocked sink can happen for many reasons, such as kitchen grease running into the plumbing. A kitchen blocker, also called a kitchen snake, can help remove the grease easily and quickly. It is important not to bend the kitchen snake too much while pushing it through the pipes. If you bend it, the plumber will have difficulty getting it through the pipe.

Another common cause of a blocked sink is a lack of cleaning around the base. To clean out the base, mix a tablespoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda. When using this mixture, be sure not to put the baking soda directly on the faucet, as the acid in the soda could possibly damage your faucet’s sealing mechanism. Instead, pour the baking soda into a bowl, and then drop the solution down the drain.

You may also use a plunger to unblock a blocked sink. However, since a plunger essentially increases the pressure in the pipes, you run the risk of over-pumping and damaging your piping system. Instead, try pouring about half a cup of warm water into the basin that is leaking, and then using a strong plunger to clear the blockage. Another option is to use an unblockable plunger, which does require a bit more force to make the block fall free. These devices are typically used in repair shops and come in different shapes and sizes.

Finally, you can unplug drains using a blunt object, such as a pen or a screwdriver. However, plunging a sharp object into a blocked sink could potentially break the plug, or even damage the plumbing system further. If you are faced with a blocked sink, consider using one of these tried-and-true solutions. After all, you don’t have to go to a plumber just because your sink is blocking up your tub! With a few minutes of your time, you can unplug your sinks, clear up any mess, and get back to enjoying your favorite liquids.